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Friday, March 16, 2018

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Key Benefits of Fiberglass Fabric

The most common use of fiberglass fabric is in composite construction. You can use a lightweight fiberglass cloth with a resin to create a waterproof surface. On the other hand, heavier woven fiberglass fabric can prove helpful for you in producing products with strength and rigidity. So, now you are aware of the few uses of fiberglass fabric. Next, let's learn about the benefits of it below.

Fiberglass fabric is chemical resistance

The first feature of fiberglass cloth is that you can be sure of it not rotting or deteriorating. These clothes have the ability to resist most of the acids. Hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acids are not included in these acids.

It offers dimensional stability

Fiberglass fabric offers good dimensional stability. In other words, you can expect it to shrink or stretch. The least elongation break of it is 3-4 percent. You can find it having the average linear thermal expansion coefficient of “E” glass at 5.4 by 10.6 cm/cm/ degree Celsius..

Fiberglass cloth has excellent thermal properties

This cloth's thermal conductivity is high. Its thermal expansion is of low coefficient. It is also evident that glass fabrics has the tendency of dissipating heat faster than asbestos or organic fibers.

It's tensile strength is high

Another benefit of fiberglass fabric is that it's tensile strength is high. Strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass yarn is high. A fiberglass yarn has the double power in comparison to a steel wire.

It's thermal endurance is also high

Fiberglass does not get affected by the high temperatures of industrial processing. Fiberglass cannot burn. You can expect it to retain its around 50% strength at 700 degree Fahrenheit. In case of 1000 degree Fahrenheit, it may retain its strength as much as 25 percent.

It is great for electrical insulation purposes

This fiberglass fabric has relatively low dielectrical constants. You can also find it having high dielectrical strength. Hence, it is ideal material to be used for electrical insulation purposes.

It is a versatile product

If a product is versatile, then you can use it for various purposes. Fiberglass fabric is available in a wide array of filaments, yarn sizes, weave types and finishes. This way it is widely used in different industries.

Another advantage of using Fiberglass fabric is that it does not absorb moisture much. Also, you can find it being more cost-effective in comparison of other synthetic and natural fiber fabrics.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Your Guide to Industrial Steel: Tool Steel and its Uses and Grades

Tool steel is a carbon alloy steel that is useful in manufacturing the tools. These tools can range from machine dies to hand tools. The properties that make it ideal to be used for tool manufacturing is its toughness and resistance to abrasion. It is the industrial steel that is used in heated conditions. This way it gets even more tough.

Many grades of tool steel offer resistance to corrosion. It is because they have additional chemical properties such as vanadium. On the other hand, manganese content gets curbed in some of the grades. It is to avoid the chances of cracking of steel during the water quenching process. In the case of some grades, you can use oil to quench the material. You must keep following factors in mind while choosing tool steel grade.

  • Does it require sharp cutting?
  • What type of heat treatment is best?
  • Is abrasion resistance at the top in your list?
  • Does the tool have to get through impact loading (hammers and picks, etc.)?

Tool steel grades

You are aware of the uses of tool steel now and you also got the introduction of the grades of this industrial steel above. Hence, in this section, let's learn about tool steel grades in detail.

Water hardening (W-grades)

It is high carbon steel. This type of steel flat bar comes at lower cost. However, you cannot use it at the places where temperatures are high. You can make this steel highly hard, but it tends be fragile in comparison of other tool steels. Water quenching process is ideal for all W-grade steels. It can help you mold it easily. The applications of this steel ranges from manufacturing cutting tools and knives to cold heading, embossing, reamers and cutlery.

Air hardening (A-grades)

This type of steel is very versatile. You can use this steel for different purposes as it shows low distortion during the heating treatment. It is because it has increased chromium content in it. The other characteristics of this steel is that it has a good balance of wear resistance and its machinability is excellent. This type of steel sheet is tough as well.

The application areas of A-grade tool steel are; Die Bending, Blanking, Coining, Embossing, Arbors, Cold Trimming, Gages, Cams, Cold Forming, Lamination, Cold Swaging. It is also useful in manufacturing Chipper Knives, Cold Shear knives, Woodworking Knives, Lathe Center Knives.

D type (D-grades)

This grade of tool steel is high chromium and high carbon (air-hardening). The main features of this steel are air-hardening and it is also abrasion resistance. This industrial steel is commonly used for forging dies, die blocks, die casing and drawing dies.

Some other uses of this tool steel is in Burnishing Tools, File Cutting, Paper Cutters, Cold Swaging, Thread Roll, Cold Trimming. It is also used in manufacturing Paper Knives, Rotary Slitters, Cold Shear Knives and Woodworking Knives.

Oil hardening (O-grades)

Oil hardening tool steel is used for general purposes. It has all the qualities from hardness to abrasion resistance that make it useful for a wide range of applications. Drill Bushing, Gages, Collets, Die Blanking, Arbors, Bushing, Chasers (Thread Cutting), Cold Forming, Cold Trimming, Knurling Tools are some of the application areas of this steel.

Shock resistance types (S-grades)

It is the type of steel that can resist shocks at high or low temperatures. You have to make sure that the low carbon content of it reaches the required toughness. This type of industrial steel has high impact hardness. However, its abrasion resistance is low.

The uses of S-grade tool steel are in Chisel Cold Working, Chisel Hot Working, Chuck Jaws, Clutch Parts, Battering Tools, Cold Swaging, Hot Swaging, Hot Trimming, Boiler-Shop Tools, Chisel Blacksmiths, Collets, Cold Gripper, Hot Gripper, Chipper Knives, Cold Shear and Hot Shear.

Hot-Working (H-grades)

This type of tool steel is useful in cutting material at high temperatures. The characteristics of this industrial steel is that it is tough enough to deal with the high temperatures for a long period of time. This type of steel is high on additional alloys and low in carbon.

Hot Extrusion for Aluminum and Magnesium, Cold Heading Die Casings, Die Casting Dies and Cores for Zinc and Aluminum, Hot Forging, Hot Swaging, Hot Trimming, Hot Gripper, Dummy Blocks (Hot Extrusion) and Hot Shear Knives.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

How to Store Laboratory Chemicals Safely?

In this article, we aim to make you aware of the points you should consider while storing laboratory chemicals. Hope you will get the proper idea of the same here and it will also prove useful when it comes to keeping the laboratory as well as people safe.

Labelling is the primary step

To keep all the laboratory chemicals safe, it is a must for you to label all the containers. First of all, you should write the name of the substance on it. You must also write about the hazard category of it. For example, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing or toxic.

It is possible that your chemical laboratory may have sample vials or small vessels that contain hazardous substances. You should make sure to use an extra container to keep these substances. You can use a tray or a rack for that purpose. It is a must for you to label this extra container as well.
Keep the compatibility of the different laboratory chemicals in mind

It is must for you to keep the two incompatible substances in different containers. It is being suggested because if you mix or store laboratory chemicals improperly, then it can cause serious injuries. Moreover, other incidents may also take place.

Don't keep large quantity of substances in the laboratory

Some laboratories keep large amount of laboratory chemicals in the labs. It is ideal as some incident may take place due to it. Hence, it is better to keep low amount of hazardous substances in the lab. You should store the large amount of it at some other secure place.

Maintaining a good stock control is a must

Another thing you should keep in mind to keep your laboratorychemicals safe is that the time-sensitive compounds such as ethers must not be kept opened. It can produce peroxides that can prove very powerful explosives. So, you should do a review of the stock regularly. It is must for you to keep the expiry dates of the chemicals in mind. Also, when you open a bottle for the first time, you should write the date of the same day on the label.

Breakable containers must be kept at below shoulder height

It is obvious that huge amount of chemical may go waste if some of your breakable containers fall off. It may also prove harmful for your health. Thus, it is better to keep the breakable or glass containers at lower than shoulder height. You can keep plastic containers at the top in the racks.

Your chemical laboratory's shelf storage must be sensible

Your workers may find it tough to access the containers if they are placed too high. So, the ideal way to manage your shelf would be to keep the most frequently used and heavy chemical containers at a lower height. It will ensure your workers' safety if there are lips on your shelf so the containers may not fall off easily.

Another thing your should remember to improve safety of your laboratory chemicals is that you must not store the chemicals under the sink. It is because some chemicals start reacting if they come in contact with water.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Major Differences Between Static Voltage Stabilizers and Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Having the correct idea of a product empowers you to make the right choice. While purchasing a stabilizer, you may get confused which one is better, servo voltage stabilizer or static voltage stabilizer? To help you not get in such confusion, we will discuss with you the main differences between a servo voltage and static voltage stabilizer.

Correction Time

A static voltage stabilizer's low rectification time is 20 to 30 milliseconds. It is because of the high voltage correction speed. On the other hand, a servo stabilizer's adjustment time ranges from 50 milliseconds to 5 seconds.

Auto Bypass facility

You can find it easy to give auto bypass facility in the static voltage stabilizer. Furthermore, this type of stabilizer can exchange to bypass without breaking the voltage of the output.

When it comes to servo voltage stabilizer, it can be tough for you to give auto bypass system into it. Even if you give the bypass facility, it won't be an ideal thing.

Voltage Correction Speed

There is no moving part in the static voltage stabilizer. You can find an electronic circuit in it to change the voltage in this type of stabilizer. This way the high voltage redress of static stabilizer is higher than of a servo one. The range of voltage redress rate can be from 360 to 50 voltages per sec.

On the flip side, you get a moving servo engine in the servo voltage stabilizer. It helps this stabilizer to accomplish rectification in voltage. This stabilizer is an electromechanical gadget. This way the voltage rectification speed of it is slower than of a static voltage stabilizer.


As mentioned above, there is a moving engine in the servo voltage stabilizer. There can be some tears in it, so there is need of proper maintenance. A static stabilizer has a static voltage regulator. Hence, it does not need maintenance.


A DSP control board is responsible to sense the input and output voltages constantly in the static voltage stabilizer. IGBT current and burden present play a significant role in operating this stabilizer. If there is a short out at output of this stabilizer, you can find the current increasing high. DSP does the job of sensing it and it cuts output. IGBT power stage also gets switched off by it. It helps in clearing the over current shortcoming.

This way a static stabilizer can clear the over current shortcoming rapidly. You don’t need to include any additional equipment in it for the same.

The case is not same with the servo voltage stabilizer. Hence, to clear the over current shortcoming you have to use an additional equipment such as MCCB, CB or any other.


In servo voltage stabilizer, you can fix the voltages by expanding or diminishing the number of twisting. It is done with the help of shaft of servo engine. This way the voltages get increased and decreased in the transformer. So, a servo engine is responsible for controlling voltages in this type of stabilizer.

On the other hand, having good quality of IGBT power stage makes a static voltage stabilizer reliable. In general static IGBT power is better than electromechanical servo engine. It makes the static stabilizer more reliable than a servo voltage stabilizer.

So, these were some differences between a static voltage stabilizer and servo voltage stabilizer. Hope it was helpful. You can share your views with us in the comments.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

5 Reasons Why Floor Tiles are Best for Flooring

Floor tiles are hot favorite among the people when it comes to flooring. You can use these tiles for your room, kitchen and bathroom flooring and can be sure of giving a sophisticated touch to it. There are many more reasons that make floor tiles ideal for flooring. We are discussing it in the article.

Floor tiles come in beautiful designs

It is evident that your objective is to make your home look attractive. Whether it is your bedroom, dining room, kitchen or bathroom, you want to get a feel of satisfaction while you are in it. Today, designers are doing efforts to help you get the same. They have come up with designer floor tiles.

These flooring has all the qualities to make your home look luxurious and you will find it comfortable for you as well. Terrazzo Tiles, Chequered Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Vitrified Tiles and PVC tiles are some of the most commonly used ones. These tiles are durable and have attractive designs.

Its variety of colors can mesmerize you

You must have an amazing sense of matching colors and their contrasts to make your home look charming. To make their place look different and stylish some people use wooden flooring. This type of flooring looks gorgeous. However, you can't be sure of getting a huge variety of colors with this type of flooring. Also, there is no doubt that wood flooring gets scuffed easily and you may also find it tough to remove stains from it.

Floor Tiles Manufacturer & Exporter
Digital Floor Tiles

You don’t have to deal with such problems when it comes to floor tiles. You can get flooring tiles in different dimensions, designs, material and colors. Furthermore, you can find it easy to clean the tiles and it is durable as well.

Floor tiles are environment friendly

You can easily understand that floor tiles are friendly for the environment. It is because the environment friendly material such as sand, clay, glass and natural stones are used to manufacture tiles. That makes it different from wooden flooring and carpets. Moreover, it also does not get bothered by different temperatures during all seasons. This way flooring is ideal for you.

This type of flooring is easy to maintain

It is obvious that you have to do lots of cleaning with vacuum cleaner or using other way if you carpets or wooden flooring is dirty. Carpets and wooden floors are prone to attract dirt and dust. You don't have to deal with the same if you use floor tiles. Tiles are tough substances. This way you can find it easy to clean it. It is also scratch-proof and water proof.

Floor tiles come at an affordable prices

One of the the advantages of opting for floor tiles is that you can get it at a reasonable price. It can also help you in reducing the expense you do for interior work. Furthermore, you can also keep a curb on the manual artwork costing with the use of it.

That sums up this article, you can go through our site if you are thinking of purchasing floor tiles for your home.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Types of Earthing Materials and Why Earthing is much Needed?

In the modern times, earthing has become essential need of the hour. The reason is simple and authentic, it will keep electrical shocks away from your building and you can live or work safely at your place. So, let's learn the same in detail and also take a look at the various types of earthing materials you can use for the same purpose.

Earthing system ensure safety of human life and building

The first advantage of electrical earthing is that it can make your home or workplace premises electrical shock free. It is evident any type of electrical shock, natural or from electrical devices is dangerous and can even cause death. Earthing is the method that can save you from it and can also keep your buildings and electrical devices safe.

It protects you from high voltage

Earthing materials has the capability of tackling the harmful effects of lighting or electrical shocks. With the earthing system, you can be sure of decreasing the negative effects in electrical system that may occur if you come in unintentional contact with high voltage electricity or if there is natural lightening shocks.

Types of Earthing materials

Plate type earthing

The first type of earthing materiel we will discuss here is plate type. You can use copper plate, cast iron plate or galvanized iron plate. It is one of the basic component that is used for this purpose. To get the benefits of eating, you need to bury a plate at around 8 feet ensuring that its bolts are in vertical position. You have to fill the pits with layers of charcoal and salt. You should fill it up to 4 feet from bottom to top.

Pipe earthing

Pipes are also used for earthing purpose. Earthing electrode pipes are the right earthing material when it comes to earthing. The uses of these pipes vary from usage in electrical transmission line, installation and many other things. Copper pipes are the ones that are generally used in earthing system. It is must for you to choose your pipe type keeping the amount of the current you want to let it through it and in which soil you will dig it.

Also, you should make sure that your pipe length is 38mm and 2.5m. You can be sure of this type of material being secure and long lasting. You should connect the earthing pipe up to earth terminal. This way you will find it easy to check the pipe easily if there is any fault. To keep the lightening and other electrical effects away from your place during the summer, it is a must for you to put 3-4 buckets of water through the funnel.

Rod type earthing

Earthing using a rod is not different from pipe earthing. Here, your rod earthing material can be of copper or galvanized iron. The ideal diameter of the galvanized iron rod is 25MMn and if you are using a copper rod, then the diameter of it must be12MM. The tight length of the rod is around 2.5 M (8.2 ft). You should bury it vertically in the ground.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

3 Types of Packaging Machines and their Uses

Packaging of the products is crucial in making it sellable in the modern times. Majority of the people makes the decision about purchasing a product by looking the outside appearance of it only. Thus, major or small, all the companies are trying to woo their customers with attractive packaging. For this purpose, they use different types of packaging machines. So, let's learn three types of it in this article.

Bottling machine

There are numerous products that come in a bottle. Tablets, capsules, pastes, liquids, etc. are some of the examples of it. There are lots of bottling machines available to fulfill the needs of the different industries when it comes to bottling or filling up the product in the bottles. It is a must for you to be careful while purchasing a packaging machine. It is because a machine you use for filling solid products cannot be used to fill the liquid ones.

You can go for a tabletop semi-automatic bottling machine if you own a small business. It is best when it comes to small scale packaging. If the things are other way around than you can use high speed packing process. You can find many other machines coming under these categories and can meet your business requirements well if you purchase it after proper research.

Capping machines

As the name suggests, these machines are useful in capping the bottle or containers. Capping has much importance in packaging. One of the reasons of it is that it does not let the product spill out of the container or bottle. It also makes a the packing look perfect. Cap tighteners, snap cappers and automatic screw cappers are some of the types of this packaging machine. The most common type of the capping you can find on the products is the rotary capping. In this type of capping, there is a screw at the opening of the bottle and you have to tighten the cap to pack the product.

Labeling machines

Labeling is the last but surely not the least task in the packing processes. A label plays a significant role in helping you to grab the eyeballs of the customers. It not only attracts the customers, but also informs them about the product. Labeling also makes it easy for the customers to differentiate as well as identify a product. You can do labeling on top or bottom of the product. It can also be done on the front or back of the product. You can get this packaging machine configured as per your business needs. Whether you have a small business or it is a big one, various types of labeling machines are available to best suit your business requirements.

So, these are the three types of packaging machines. If you have some information to share about these machines to make this write-up better, then you can share it in the comments.

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Lithium Compound - Properties and Uses

Most of us have heard about Lithium and its compound in schools and in applications of our daily lives, as well. Has anyone ever wondered what this metal is and what can be its properties, based upon which it is used in several industrial and medicinal applications? This article will surely answer all your queries related to this amazing compound.

What is Lithium and who discovered it?
What are the most common characteristics of Lithium Compound?
How is Lithium and its compounds used?

Came into existence in the year 1817 by Swedish chemist Johan August Arfwedson, Lithium is considered as the first member of the alkaline metals. It can be found in abundance approximately 0.005 % in the crust of Earth. This being the reason, it is placed among the first 15 elements in the periodic table. Generally, the Lithium Compound is derived from the ores named petalite, lepidolite and spodumene. However, it can also be obtained from saltwater.

Lithium appears to be silvery in color and is very soft to touch. Its hardness of 0.6 at Mohs scale make it extremely soft that it can even be scratched with a fingernail. With melting and boiling point of 180.54 and 1,335 degree Celsius, respectively, this element has the capability to fulfill several industrial and commercial requirements. When compared to the density of water, its density is 0.534 grams per centimeter cube.

Although it is an active element, yet its reaction with water at room temperature is extremely slow. However, it reacts rapidly with water at extreme temperatures. Hydrogen gas is formed when the mentioned compound reacts with acids. No reaction takes place when it is reacted with oxygen at room temperature, but forms Lithium Oxide (one of its compounds) above 100 degree Celsius.

Lithium Compounds have plenty of uses and applications. These find usage in ceramic and glass industry for making air crafts, components of mobile phones and many more. Moreover, it is also used in metallurgy for refining various metals like Nickel, Zinc, Iron and copper. Besides, it possess a whole lot of health uses. It helps in the treatment of bi-polar disease, Alzheimer and is exceptionally good for healthy brain.

How A Designer Door Handle Can Change The Look Of Your Home?

The most significant hardware option for any door is its handle. As a handle is used on a daily basis, it is impossible to ignore its looks and styles to everyone.

Whether it is back door, front door or main entrance door, an exclusive door handle is surely a game-changer. Its diverse forms and creative finishing aid to lend a grand touch to any door. This is designed to freshen up the spaces with its different attractive looks, finishes and styles.

Designer door handle is ideal to create a first impression of a room and create a beautiful backdrop. It is available in round, square, rectangular and oval designs for adding matchless appeal to the doors. In addition, it comes with high-end structure for quick as well as easy grabbing.

The prime finishing of the handle also add to the overall effect of spaces. From stainless steel to brass to copper and other finishing are available to ensure to meet the demands. In addition, it also comes with brushed nickel finishes to better suit the look of the room. It should be designed to match the interiors of the spaces, faucets and other hardware to provide a contemporary looks.

In addition to this, the handle should be designed from high-grade metals to ensure maximum durability as it takes a lot of wear every day. It should be able to withstand maximum wear and tear for years without losing its shine as well as finishing. It should be rust proof in design for providing maximum performance without any abrasion for a longer period of time. It comes with different polishes and finishes to serve the exact demands of traditional to contemporary settings of homes, offices, hotels and other places.

If adding a special touch to the doors without investing much money is the prime aim, than an exceptional door handle is the perfect way to go.  It is available in different colors and styles to last long without any wear as well as tear.