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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Simplifying Metal Working Jobs With Metal Cutting Machines

Metal Cutting Machines are used for cutting metals in various shapes and sizes. These are usually operated manually or semi automatically as they are used for cutting metals of varied kinds and sizes in small quantities. The life span of these machines are quite long as they are robust in nature and hold high durability. The job shop owners do not need to spend much on its maintenance. It is an ideal solution for the shop owners who all looking for a product which can be used for mass production.

Though available in different ranges, the most commonly used machines range from from 6½ - 60½ (150 mm - 1500 mm) with semi automatic, automatic and numerically controlled models. The Metal Cutting Machines are of two types – Horizontal and Linear.

Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machines are available in Manual, Semi-automatic, Fully Automatic and Numerically Controlled Programmable versions (with Electro – Hydraulics / Electronic – Servo options) from 100 mm to 2000 mm cutting capacity. The linear is also similar, only directional working capacity is different.

The standard features that you will find in a Double Column Automatic (DCA) machine is it will have a Step pulley with ';V'; belt and can do Automatic height adjustment for saw frame. It will have a Hydraulic band tensioning attachment and will boast Hydraulic vice & shuttle system for automatic clamping. The swarf conveyor with container can be controlled electrically or hydraulically. These metal cutting machines are easy to clean as they come brewed with Wire brush for blade gullet cleanings. They offer Controlled differential cutting pressure for easy to difficult material cutting and Automatic blade guide setting with vice opening. In addition to all these features, the machines are provided with Bellows/sleeves for columns and Machine lamp. In the standard machine, there can be certain additions which will make the machine more equipped and functionally appropriate.

You can also get the machines customized as per your requirements. For example some shop owners require infinitely variables speed drive by A. C. Frequency drive or hand operated lubrication system for main columns only or fully automatic lubrication system for main columns only. While some may require length setting arrangement with 0.1 mm least count or piece counter & length multiplier or floating shuttle vice for forged & uneven surface bars etc.


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