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Monday, July 21, 2014


PCD PHARMA: Franchise for better business

The pharmaceutical industry has developed to a large extent in the last few years and so it is now the priority of company owners to expand their business in the farthest corners and the remotest parts of a region. With an annual turnover of billions of dollars, the pharmaceutical industry employs millions of people all over the world, thus making a significant contribution in world economy. PCD PHARMA makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies to take their products to thousands of people. However, the reputation of the company needs to be checked before obtaining a franchise in order to have the best return on investment.

Pharmaceutical industry in India

The pharmaceutical industry in India has been on a steady path of growth since its inception. As of 2008-2009 the industry in India had an annual turnover of $21.04 billion. With the United States offering a business for $14 billion annually to Indian drug companies, it is by far the most important export destination of Indian chemicals and medicines followed by Russia. It is projected that the industry would grow at 14 to 17 percent between 2012 and 2016, thus giving a significant boost to the health of the industry as well as the economic growth of the country. For those who want to tap into the growing potential of the pharmaceutical industry PCD PHARMA is the best option.


There are certain advantages of PCD PHARMA that make it possible for both the franchisee and the franchisor get a good return on their investment.

  • First, the main advantage of a franchise is that manufacturers can take their products to a large number of potential buyers through their franchisee. Thus, even if they do not have a presence all over the region, they can still sell their products to thousands of people. This would help them enhance their business to a large extent. Moreover, they can also increase their profit margin to a large extent.
  • Second, decentralization of sales through PCD PHARMA makes the business more easily manageable and more productive. Franchisees are completely separate entities and are operated separately. Through franchisees, the mother concern can significantly increase its sales and profit margin.
  • Third, the demand and supply chain can be made use of quite effectively through the franchise business. As a matter of fact, selling pharmaceutical products through franchisees can offer a multidimensional development to the business.

At present, the major portion of the pharmaceutical industry consists of small and medium scale enterprises that have a huge potential for growth. PCD PHARMA can be a viable way of expanding the business. However, both the franchisee and the franchisor need to check each other properly. Over the last few years conducting business through franchisees has become an important affair. It is to be kept in mind that proper paperwork complying with legal norms shall be completed in order to avoid future complications. The growing potential of the pharmaceutical industry has made it possible for both the franchisee and the franchisor to tread into new realms of business. 

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