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Monday, May 25, 2015

What are the applications of white fused alumina

White fused alumina is a result of electrofusion of pure alumina. It is found in the form of white color massive mono-crystal and is extremely hard, but friable and chemically inert. It is produced by fusing calcined alumina in an electric arc furnace under carefully controlled conditions. 

The cooled crude is crushed and cleaned of magnetic impurities in high intensity magnetic separators and classified into narrow size fractions to suit the end use. It is quality tested which makes it highly reliable, qualitative and pure. White Fused Alumina Manufacturers provide this product for specialized applications like Anti-Skid Paints, Blasting Abrasives, Ceramic Shapes, Ceramic Tiles, Chemical Coatings, and Coated Abrasives, to name a few.

It is highly friable and hence used in Vitrified Bonded Abrasives products where cool, fast cutting action is essential and also in the manufacture of high purity Alumina refractories. Other applications include use in Coated Abrasives, Surface treatment, Ceramic Tiles, Anti-Skid Paints, Fluidized Bed Furnaces and Skin / Dental Care. Its other applications areas are listed below:
  • Fluidized Bed Furnaces
  • Grinding And Cut Off Wheels
  • Investment Casting Shells
  • Laminates
  • Lapping And Polishing
  • Refractories
  • Skin And Dental Care
  • Surface Treatment
Most of the users of this Refractory Raw Material, characterize it with high hardness, yet friable with high purity, chemical stability, a high melting point, and large crystal size. It is used in refractory industry as it is a very pure low iron alumina suitable for a range of applications. Their benefits are that it has a very high alumina content, low impurities and stability at high temperatures. This mineral is made from chemical Al2O3 by Higgns furnace or Tilting furnace at high temperature. It is very important raw material for advanced refractories and abrasives.

Online, you will find established portals that provide a detailed listing of the White Fused Alumina Suppliers and White Fused Alumina Exporters. Here, you can send them direct inquiries eliminating the presence of mediator and hence profiting more from the deals. Some portals, also provide the facility of direct calling to the company's representative, which is very crucial in clos
ing the deal and starting a new business relationship.

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