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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Types of Earthing Materials and Why Earthing is much Needed?

In the modern times, earthing has become essential need of the hour. The reason is simple and authentic, it will keep electrical shocks away from your building and you can live or work safely at your place. So, let's learn the same in detail and also take a look at the various types of earthing materials you can use for the same purpose.

Earthing system ensure safety of human life and building

The first advantage of electrical earthing is that it can make your home or workplace premises electrical shock free. It is evident any type of electrical shock, natural or from electrical devices is dangerous and can even cause death. Earthing is the method that can save you from it and can also keep your buildings and electrical devices safe.

It protects you from high voltage

Earthing materials has the capability of tackling the harmful effects of lighting or electrical shocks. With the earthing system, you can be sure of decreasing the negative effects in electrical system that may occur if you come in unintentional contact with high voltage electricity or if there is natural lightening shocks.

Types of Earthing materials

Plate type earthing

The first type of earthing materiel we will discuss here is plate type. You can use copper plate, cast iron plate or galvanized iron plate. It is one of the basic component that is used for this purpose. To get the benefits of eating, you need to bury a plate at around 8 feet ensuring that its bolts are in vertical position. You have to fill the pits with layers of charcoal and salt. You should fill it up to 4 feet from bottom to top.

Pipe earthing

Pipes are also used for earthing purpose. Earthing electrode pipes are the right earthing material when it comes to earthing. The uses of these pipes vary from usage in electrical transmission line, installation and many other things. Copper pipes are the ones that are generally used in earthing system. It is must for you to choose your pipe type keeping the amount of the current you want to let it through it and in which soil you will dig it.

Also, you should make sure that your pipe length is 38mm and 2.5m. You can be sure of this type of material being secure and long lasting. You should connect the earthing pipe up to earth terminal. This way you will find it easy to check the pipe easily if there is any fault. To keep the lightening and other electrical effects away from your place during the summer, it is a must for you to put 3-4 buckets of water through the funnel.

Rod type earthing

Earthing using a rod is not different from pipe earthing. Here, your rod earthing material can be of copper or galvanized iron. The ideal diameter of the galvanized iron rod is 25MMn and if you are using a copper rod, then the diameter of it must be12MM. The tight length of the rod is around 2.5 M (8.2 ft). You should bury it vertically in the ground.

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