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Friday, May 29, 2015

Gun Drills And Their Wide Applications

Differing from conventional drill, Gun Drill is unique for its features and performance. Harping on it, few established Gun Drill Suppliers have stamped their authority in the market. It is a very efficient tool which is meant to produce deep and straight whole in any material. Its unique head geometry and effective cutting edge make it successful in accomplishing the designated work to get done smoothly with precision. Moreover, Guide pads helps to make hole straight and round with perfect diameter.

History tells us that it was discovered and developed to drill the gun barrels. And, still, it has largely been used by Armament industry. But, it can't be gainsaid that other common industries are also making a beeline in acquiring and using it effectively and comprehensively like energy, oil and gas exploration, engines, diesel fuel components, and plastic injection molds, etc.

It is quite obvious from the facts that the deep hole drilling requires a perfect Gun Drill Machine which can perform as well enhance the productivity and spread a sense of reliability among the customers. Extremely deep holes with various diameters is to be achieved through it, which was initially considered to be problematic and elusive. Now, making the deep hole straight with perfection becomes easier and better with the development of this tool. It has got the process to drill in diameters from 1-3mm to 50-70mm and the depth can be obtained from 5:1 to 400:1.

In order to perform the different kind of holes, it has been categorized into three machines which are Gun drilling, BTS/ STS, and Ejector system. However, Gun drill is designed to function for small diameters, i.e. (1-50mm) whereas BTS for larger diameters like 20 – 630 mm and Ejector System is designed and developed to perform holes 18.4mm in diameter. The distinguished functions have been detailed in order to pick the right one which will suit the individual requirement of customers, exactly.  

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