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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Essential Tool For Varied Industries

Magnetic Base is a Unique Clamping System, which is based on a magnet that can be turned "off" and "on" at will. It has Knurled thumbscrews, which offers a positive grip. This is massively known to reduce experimental set-up time by letting free positioning of optical components. Magnetic Base Manufacturer provide the base with two blocks of iron. During the production process, the halves of base are made and joined together with a non- ferrous material like; brass or aluminum. Later on, a round permanent magnet is inserted into the bored hole and then a handle is attached to allow simple rotation of the magnet. This process changes the position of the magnetic field. 

It can be attached in varied positions to any attractive surface, thus, allows the base to be placed in the best orientation for the part to be tested. You can also combine this with the flexibility of movement allowed by the arms. Magnetic Base Supplier can offer this product with three joints and in multiple coatings. Owing to it's simple structure, users feel free to position it, this process can be done using base to fixed & adjust the objects. Furthermore, it can be attached by you on round or flat surfaces.

It is an abrasion resistance, sturdy and precisely designed base, which is demanded for optics and metal works in dial indicator, in addition to this, it is hugely used for dial indicator, lever dial indicator and in institutes for scientific research and scientific research universities.

Other details are as follows:
  • This is designed as holding device to precisely grip dial indicator.
  • Easy and instant fixation with varied nimble joint in any position.
  • Strong magnetic force of base to rigidly hold ferrous surfaces. horizontally, vertically, upside or down.
  • Precise adjustment for better settings.
  • Simple clamping of base.
  • On-panel ON-OFF functions.

How to find reliable Magnetic Base Exporters, Manufacturers:

Online portals provide a golden opportunity to you to connect with companies providing this product on wholesale basis. You can browse these portals and gain the opportunity to start a new business or grow your existing one with good returns on investment.

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