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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Efficient and reliable testing equipments for industrial applications

Testing Equipments

It would suffice to state that testing equipments are a necessity in a majority of industrial and commercial facilities, irrespective of which sector they cater to. Be it packaging testing equipments, permeability testers, seal and leak testers etc., testing equipments are required if industrial and commercial facilities are to maintain optimum level of productivity and also efficiency. Over the past few years, testing equipments have greatly evolved, with a majority of them being very precise and requiring minimal human intervention to function properly. Going forward, it would be safe to assume that these equipments will further evolve in their design and functioning.

Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd. is a Jinan, Shandong, China based organization that is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a wide array of testing equipments. Some of it's popular products include Adhesive testers, leak testers, permeability testers, impact testers, tearing testers and many more. The organization was established in the year 1989 by a group of dexterous individuals with extensive expertise in the existing equipments segment. Renowned for the emphasis it puts on always maintaining optimal product quality, the organization has a diverse clientele spread across multiple countries.

Below are the three major testing equipments that are very widely used

Permeability testers

The term permeability testers encompasses a wide range of equipments such as gas permeability tester, water vapor permeability tester for packaging, organic gas permeability analyzer and many more. These are used to determine whether and how much will any substance allow liquid or gases to pass through it. The general characteristics of permeability testers are as follows,
  • A majority of permeability testers have automatic temperature control system, ensuring that tests can easily be carried out within the temperature range
  • Permeability testers always provide very quick and precise results, thus increasing overall productivity
  • These are easy to use and require minimal maintenance
  • Apart from denoting permeance, these also provide information on selectivity and transmission rate of any substance
Leak testers

As the name suggests, these are commonly used to determine leakages, if any in a substance. Sometimes also referred to as seal and leak testers, these are an essential requirement in various sectors. Some commonly used leak testers are package seal integrity tester, burst strength tester, leak test apparatus and many more. The common features of leak testers are as follows,
  • The versatility of leak testers available in the market today ensures the fulfillment of all requirements of any sector
  • These have a highly sensitive sensor and a specifically designed piping system, enabling detection of even the minutest of leakages
  • These are very compact in size and require minimal floor space
  • A lot of leak testers available in the market today do take into account the changes in volume of a substance during inspection
Adhesive tester

Be it a large structure or even the smallest of household appliances, a majority of the products have protective or cosmetic coating. Every coating should have the requisite durability to save from continuous periodic reworking costs. For this particular purpose, adhesive testers are widely used. Some of the most commonly used adhesive testers are lasting adhesive tester, primary adhesive tester, roller ball tack tester and many more. The features of adhesive testers are as follows,
  • Adhesive testers have an environmentally sealed enclosure, making them weatherproof, dust proof and shock proof
  • A majority of these testers have a self alignment feature which compensates for misalignment if any during the testing process
  • These are very versatile and provide quick and precise results
  • Adhesive testers available in the market today automatically provide the required results, that too in layman's language, thus preventing the added requirement of using conversion charts.


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