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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wedding Mandaps : An Integral Part of Indian Wedding

Wedding Mandaps

Wedding, is a day of passion and joy, a day to celebrate love and commitment. It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event and we can understand the pressure of making it an unforgettable moment. If your wedding date has been fixed and you're still confused about the mandap decor, then our blog below would surely guide you by giving you a basic idea.

In Asian marriages, Wedding Mandap is attached with numerous traditional values. Major part of the ceremony takes place in or around the mandap. It's generally a space surrounded by 4 or 6 pillars decorated with flowers, lights, drapes, wedding furniture and other decorative wedding accessories. Wedding can be considered as the happiest day of any couples' life. This is the day on which a bride & a groom swear to be with each other for the rest of their life and the swearing ceremony takes place inside the wedding mandap. To make marriage a fairytale event and a memory worth cherishing, it becomes very very important to make the mandap look breathtakingly beautiful.

Decoration of a Wedding Mandap may depend on the venue and timing of the marriage. Indian Weddings are often held in banquet halls or in open ground, the decoration of mandaps may vary accordingly. There are several ways to decorate mandaps; it can be done depending on a theme or can be done traditionally by using satin drapes, diyas, rangoli, flowers, kalash and other traditional wedding accessories. Mostly bright lights and colors such as red, green, yellow and golden are used for wedding mandap decoration. Fresh flowers with great fragrance like lily, marigold, jasmine, rajnigandha and rose are also used for decoration.

In present times, candles and earthen lamps have been replaced by colorful florescent lights and bright LED lights. In some places in India, artificial flowers have replaced fresh & natural flowers. Now a days, to decorate the backdrop of the mandaps & give them an eye-catchy look, drapes designed from fabrics such as chicken, jute, chiffon, knitted silk etc. are used.

There are many reputed designers who can decorate your wedding mandap exactly as per your requirement. You can choose these mandaps depending on your wedding time, weather conditions and your taste. Various mandaps popular in India are : Fountain mandap, Wooden carved mandap, Devdas mandap and Crystal mandap.  Mandap decoration can be done depending on the theme of wedding; some popular wedding themes are bollywood, vintage, royal, beach, garden & flowers, peacock, fairytale etc.

Over the years, like various other things, wedding mandap decoration has also undergone a huge transformation. In present time it's not about gaudy festoons, copper kalash and bandhani drapes. Today it's about demonstrating mood of the wedding along with couples' love for each other.

Wedding now a days, have moved out of traditional community centers to beaches, historical places, parks, lawns and museums. Couples now demand innovative mandap decor, personalized crockery, placards with quotes & picture collage of couples favorite memories.

To ensure everything is smooth on your "Big Day" , wedding planning is very essential. Earlier, it was handled by elders in the family but today many event management organizations have come up and offer you tailor-made wedding planning services as per your desires. You can easily choose designs of Wedding Mandaps, Wedding Furniture, Wedding Mandaps Accessories and lots more at really affordable prices. 


Anonymous jagjeet said...

These designs of mandaps are very beautiful. decoration of mandaps is a main thing of any marriage occasion. most people judge the standard of marriage through decoration of mandaps. we can get knowledge of mandaps designs through your website. I have really liked this post as well as your website. thanks for sharing this blog.

October 20, 2015 at 3:16 AM  

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