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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why to Choose Carbon Bicycle Rims and Carbon Tubular Rims for your bicycle ?

When we talk about two wheeler vehicles, bicycle is the first name that strikes in mind. It is a great invention by human and is used by millions across the world. This is a kind of vehicle which does not require any fuel or any kind of engine to run. Such vehicles were invented and manufactured in early 1990's.

What makes bicycle so popular till today?

It is estimated that there are 1.4 billion bicycles and only about 400 million cars in the world today. The popularity of bicycles prevails still today because the increase of oil prices across the world.

A typical modern wheel in bicycle has wire tension spokes, a metal hub & a metal or carbon fiber rim which holds a pneumatic rubber tyre. Rims made of varied materials exist in the market but carbon bicycle rims are one of the most preferred rims.

The rims for the bicycle actually play an important part in determining the durability of wheels and working of the brakes. The carbon bicycle rims also helps in balancing and speeding up of the bicycle on any surface. “A lighter wheel is a faster wheel” because it accelerates quickly. And such wheels are set up with carbon fiber rims.

The carbon tubular rims are the latest addition in the world of bicycle rims. But what is the big deal with carbon tubular? Let's know!

These types of rims are very sturdy, light in weight and easy to handle. These are easy to handle, simple to maintain, have a long service life and ensure a comfortable journey. To ensure a faster ride, you can surely use carbon tubular rims in the bicycles. Despite being expensive, these are high in demand owing to their wear and breakage resistance.  These are sturdy, have high tensile strength and can offer good performance in muddy, rocky, slippery, bumpy and other rough surface areas.

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