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Monday, August 3, 2015

Oil Expeller Manufacturer, Supplier - S P Foundries - Kanpur

Oil Expellers: The key machine to extract oil with ease

Oil—a viscous liquid is eminently used in cooking purposes, for hair nourishment, for smooth working of machine parts etc. You will be amazed to know that a lot of oil is extracted on daily basis. Do you know how does the edible oil and non-edible oil reaches to the different markets that are used in your daily life? Have you ever thought how the different types oil are extracted? Reading this blog will make you aware of proper processing of oil extraction from the raw materials i.e, oil seeds with easy and advanced methods.

An overview--

There are many types of expeller machines and out of all, oil expeller machine is used by many oil companies for extracting oil. The oil expeller is a key part of an oil extraction plant which is engineered with latest configuration and technology for high-end oil processing. An oil expeller machine is used to extract the oil from the oil seeds such as rape seed, palm kernel, sunflower seeds, castor seeds, linseed, Jatropha, cottonseed, groundnuts, coconut, mustard, soya bean, cocoa bean, cashew nut shell and other oil bearing seeds and nuts.

Today, with development of science and technology, the automated oil expeller is available in different capacities in different specifications--big and small according to the need. Industrial oil expeller is a screw type machine in which the oil seeds are pressed with high pressure and friction through a caged barrel-like cavity. The machine has two gateways -- 1) the raw materials (like seeds) are inserted from one side of the expeller 2) the seeds are collected in the main  area where continuous pressure from the screw machines is applied on the seeds. 3) The seeds gets compressed and oil is extracted. The extracted oil hence seeps through small openings and the waste  products or the residue exits from the other end of the expeller.This small opening stops the seed fiber solids to pass through. Meanwhile, the pressed seeds are formed as hard cakes which is removed from the machine. This tends to extract a good quantity of oil with natural color and flavor.

There are mainly two types of oil expellers-- full press expellers and pre-press expellers. While the full press expellers are used by small and medium oil mill and the pre-press expellers are used by large oil extraction companies. The advantages of using the advanced expeller machines is to yield optimum quantity of oil at once at low operating cost. The latest oil expellers available in the market are appreciated for their rugged design, low power consumption and long operational life.

If you are planning you set up a business of oil processing and extraction, you can purchase oil expeller machine according to your requirements as there are many manufacturers who design expeller of different capacities. Today, the demand of advanced oil expeller is very high and these are available in domestic market at affordable prices. Get more details visit here :

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