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Saturday, January 27, 2018

How to Store Laboratory Chemicals Safely?

In this article, we aim to make you aware of the points you should consider while storing laboratory chemicals. Hope you will get the proper idea of the same here and it will also prove useful when it comes to keeping the laboratory as well as people safe.

Labelling is the primary step

To keep all the laboratory chemicals safe, it is a must for you to label all the containers. First of all, you should write the name of the substance on it. You must also write about the hazard category of it. For example, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing or toxic.

It is possible that your chemical laboratory may have sample vials or small vessels that contain hazardous substances. You should make sure to use an extra container to keep these substances. You can use a tray or a rack for that purpose. It is a must for you to label this extra container as well.
Keep the compatibility of the different laboratory chemicals in mind

It is must for you to keep the two incompatible substances in different containers. It is being suggested because if you mix or store laboratory chemicals improperly, then it can cause serious injuries. Moreover, other incidents may also take place.

Don't keep large quantity of substances in the laboratory

Some laboratories keep large amount of laboratory chemicals in the labs. It is ideal as some incident may take place due to it. Hence, it is better to keep low amount of hazardous substances in the lab. You should store the large amount of it at some other secure place.

Maintaining a good stock control is a must

Another thing you should keep in mind to keep your laboratorychemicals safe is that the time-sensitive compounds such as ethers must not be kept opened. It can produce peroxides that can prove very powerful explosives. So, you should do a review of the stock regularly. It is must for you to keep the expiry dates of the chemicals in mind. Also, when you open a bottle for the first time, you should write the date of the same day on the label.

Breakable containers must be kept at below shoulder height

It is obvious that huge amount of chemical may go waste if some of your breakable containers fall off. It may also prove harmful for your health. Thus, it is better to keep the breakable or glass containers at lower than shoulder height. You can keep plastic containers at the top in the racks.

Your chemical laboratory's shelf storage must be sensible

Your workers may find it tough to access the containers if they are placed too high. So, the ideal way to manage your shelf would be to keep the most frequently used and heavy chemical containers at a lower height. It will ensure your workers' safety if there are lips on your shelf so the containers may not fall off easily.

Another thing your should remember to improve safety of your laboratory chemicals is that you must not store the chemicals under the sink. It is because some chemicals start reacting if they come in contact with water.

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