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Friday, February 16, 2018

Key Benefits of Fiberglass Fabric

The most common use of fiberglass fabric is in composite construction. You can use a lightweight fiberglass cloth with a resin to create a waterproof surface. On the other hand, heavier woven fiberglass fabric can prove helpful for you in producing products with strength and rigidity. So, now you are aware of the few uses of fiberglass fabric. Next, let's learn about the benefits of it below.

Fiberglass fabric is chemical resistance

The first feature of fiberglass cloth is that you can be sure of it not rotting or deteriorating. These clothes have the ability to resist most of the acids. Hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acids are not included in these acids.

It offers dimensional stability

Fiberglass fabric offers good dimensional stability. In other words, you can expect it to shrink or stretch. The least elongation break of it is 3-4 percent. You can find it having the average linear thermal expansion coefficient of ā€œEā€ glass at 5.4 by 10.6 cm/cm/ degree Celsius..

Fiberglass cloth has excellent thermal properties

This cloth's thermal conductivity is high. Its thermal expansion is of low coefficient. It is also evident that glass fabrics has the tendency of dissipating heat faster than asbestos or organic fibers.

It's tensile strength is high

Another benefit of fiberglass fabric is that it's tensile strength is high. Strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass yarn is high. A fiberglass yarn has the double power in comparison to a steel wire.

It's thermal endurance is also high

Fiberglass does not get affected by the high temperatures of industrial processing. Fiberglass cannot burn. You can expect it to retain its around 50% strength at 700 degree Fahrenheit. In case of 1000 degree Fahrenheit, it may retain its strength as much as 25 percent.

It is great for electrical insulation purposes

This fiberglass fabric has relatively low dielectrical constants. You can also find it having high dielectrical strength. Hence, it is ideal material to be used for electrical insulation purposes.

It is a versatile product

If a product is versatile, then you can use it for various purposes. Fiberglass fabric is available in a wide array of filaments, yarn sizes, weave types and finishes. This way it is widely used in different industries.

Another advantage of using Fiberglass fabric is that it does not absorb moisture much. Also, you can find it being more cost-effective in comparison of other synthetic and natural fiber fabrics.

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